Run Disney Princess Half Marathon Finishing Medal

Bling bling bling.

After running 13.1 miles, receiving this gorgeous medal moments after crossing the finish line is amazing. Only Disney could somehow find a way to perfectly mold all the emotion, joy, and hard work that goes into training for and completing a half marathon into a medal.
As I crossed the finish line nearly in tears from both the exhaustion, pain, and emotions full of sheer joy of both achieving my goal of running a 1/2 marathon and then running far faster than I expected – 1:47:44 (8:13 pace per mile) – all I wanted to do was quickly run a few more steps to the volunteers who were quickly placing medals around the necks of all the finishers.


Instantly after finishing I had that beautiful physical reminder around my neck. Yes, having my family or a friend with me would also have been a giant bonus, but I had my medal and I had achieved my goal.

My heart was complete.

(Given logistics and the early timing of the race -5:45 am start, it didn’t make sense for Mike and the kids to try to get to the finish line as we were certain they couldn’t make it there in time before I was done racing. We wanted the kids to get a decent sleep so we would all have the energy to revel in the park post race to maximize our time at Disney!)


The back of the medal even has a place for you to engrave it. Β It looked like some people were doing this immediately post race as there were vendors offering engraving. I wish I had known about this as it would have been very cool to have my medal engraved but it seemed like it was cash only and I never thought to bring money with me. Next time!

And let me tell you the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Medal is one serious medal – it was actually kind of heavy to wear as it truly is hefty. It’s bedazzling to look at too as it’s complete with faux gems. I love it and I can see why people cherish these medals, strive to earn more of them, and then display them in gorgeous medal cases that they can hang in their home.

After talking with folks from the Run Disney marketing team and operations team, they explained they truly do put lots of efforts into designing an extra fabulous and serious medal as they know just how much this prize means to runners as it is the perfect way to reward them for their hard work and physical efforts to achieve that goal of crossing the finish line.


The Finisher Medal for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon is seriously so fabulous everyone who earns this coveted prize wears it around the theme parks at Disney all day long. I’m not kidding. And I too joined that “medal wearing” club yesterday after my race.


6 year old Kenzie also joined me in the medal wearing club as she also was sporting her Tangled Royal Family 5K medal that she earned the day before. Kenzie loves her medal so much she’s been sleeping it with too. Simply adorable. The fun run “Royal Family 5K” also offers some sweet medals to every finisher- full ribbon laynards complete with a “rubberized” medal.


Despite waking up at 3:00 AM for my race, the kids, Mike and I stayed at Magic Kingdom from 12:30 PM at lunch until nearly 9:00 PM at night. Kenzie and I wore our coveted medals all day long at Magic Kingdom for every ride, meal and topped off the evening wearing our medals while watching the Wishes! Fireworks show.

Dreams really do come true!



Disclosure: Thanks to Run Disney for providing me with a complimentary hotel and park passes so I could cover this event as part of the media. I loved getting an inside scoop on the event and meeting the RunDisney team. This extra special invitation was most unexpected as I planned to run the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon anyhow since last year and paid $150 for my race entry fee already. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. I loved reading about your Disney Half Marathon but even more seeing you and your daughter with your medals! I hope my daughter and I can do this next year!

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