Santa Before Thanksgiving…….Yes or No?

We had snow before Halloween so why not Santa before Thanksgiving?

Yes, kind of crazy I know. I’m not so about rushing life, but my cuties are only little once so I’m embracing the holiday spirit and going full steam ahead with their excitement this year.

I do hate Christmas stuff out in stores before Halloween is over, but once Halloween is done, I’m okay with ramping up the holiday mood. So when I heard that our local Exton Mall was hosting a big welcome Parade for Santa Claus that included music with the “Mummers” we were all over it.

The kids were thrilled to see Frosty, Rudolph, and Mrs. Claus along with the celebrity of the fest – Santa during the parade. (And only from the festivities as we wouldn’t allow an official “sit on Santa’s Lap” visit yet!)


From a kid perspective this party was fabulous and totally surpassed my expectations – free Santa hats and elf hats for everyone – even the parents!


Free Hot Chocolate galore, chocolate chip cookies & fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

Men on stilts, silly clowns, and holiday tunes played live from the Mummers.


Mix all that fun together and share it with friends and Kenzie & Kyle were living the dream. What more could a kid want?


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