Save Money and Earn Stock by Shopping Online with iConsumer this Holiday Season

Do you love to do you holiday shopping online to avoid the hustle and bustle in stores? Here’s a secret to saving even more online this holiday season!  Shop via to earn cash back and shares of stock in iConsumer with EVERY purchase. Genius! iConsumer is essentially a shopping portal that lets you earn cash back as you shop through all their retail partners. The cool new twist is beyond just cash back customers can earn shares of ownership in the company too!

The iConsumer motto is : SAVE. EARN. OWN.

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With over 45,000 brands and over 1700 retailers – whether you want to shop at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Nordstrom or wherever, you’ve got all kinds of options thanks to iConsumers’ partners. Genius! And simple!

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Did you know there are over 1700 stores and 45,000 brands you can shop at via iConsumer. The percentage cash you earn back varies by each retailer but you can shop at big retailers like Target or Walmart and even book your vacations via iConsumer through their partner retailers like Expedia, Priceline and my fave – BEACHES Resorts.

For instance if I booked a $7,000 vacation at Beaches Resorts for my family, I could earn 3.2% cash back. That’s a lot of CASH back given the big ticket purchase of a family vacation!

Love love love the idea of earning cash back with each purchase!

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Invite Friends to Join iConsumer and you earn an extra 100 Shares of stock and they earn 100 shares just for Joining!

If you invite friends to join iConsumer, you’ll earn 100 shares of stock when they join and earn cash back. Your friends earn 100 shares of their own just for joining. It’s a no-brainer! Tell your friends now!

Video Demo Showing How iConsumer Works

All Kinds of Details about iConsumer

So here’s the skinny on big picture of iConsumer. How you earn cash back,  how you earn shares and more. For full details, read the fantastic FAQ page on the iConsumer website.

How Can you Earn Shares? 

Shop through the iConsumer portal on your laptop or use the app via your mobile device. You can also refer a friend and earn shares that way too!

How Many Stores and Brands are participating? 

Over 45,000 brands and over 1700+ stores

When will I receive the cash back I earn from shopping? 

After you earn at least $25 and usually about 90 days after shopping.

Can I sell my shares?
Yes.   Once the SEC “qualifies” the iConsumer stock, they will work with a a stock transfer agent (FundAmerica) to make it easy for all us consumers to eventually sell a stock.
What are stocks of iConsumer worth? 
The SEC isn’t allowed to tell us but iConsumer plans to sell each share for $0.09 once they are qualified to sell.


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Note: This post is sponsored by iConsumer. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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