School Years Memory Book by Mom Agenda

This is the best School Years Memory book I’ve ever seen. I’m so not the scrapbooking kind of girl. Never have been, never will be. So I love Mom Agenda’s classy, simplistic, and easy to organize system to help us archive our child’s school milestones from nursery school to 12th grade. And for $25 you can’t beat the price. Every school year has an envelope to store special mementos, along with a place for a photo, and a worksheet to list your child’s friends, activities, sports, special achievements, and a spot for their signature. I’m so excited to begin using it for Mackenzie as she is in preschool. She’s just now learned to sign her name in that adorable "I’m just learning how to write" kind of style so she’ll be placing her signature along with some treasured drawings in the book when the school year wraps up in a few weeks. 3 colors available, green, blue, or pink. Classy Mommy Approved. Free shipping on $75 purchase. For more information, click here. Price: $25

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