Scrapbooking Summer Swim Memories

Time flies and sometimes to it’s great to take a moment to savor those memories and package them up to help you remember them. This weekend, since it was freezing outdoors, Kenzie decided to make a cute scrapbook about the highlights of her swim season last summer. So cute!


Kenzie absolutely LOVES being on the swim team, especially the team at our summer swim club. Our pool has a fabulous group of kids, coaches, and it’s a real team environment. In a sport that can be so individual at times — think about all those laps swimming staring at the black line — it’s wonderful to have a real team component with relays, team cheers, and a team score making each swimmer feel like they are a part of something very special.

This summer was her 3rd year on the team and it’s really when she found herself – both with friendships, her own achievements, and the team winning the League Championship for the 1st time since she’s been a part of it. Very exciting!





How to Make an EASY Scrapbook ? The Right Scrapbooking Supplies are Key!

I never make the time to create scrapbooks. My kids don’t even have baby scrapbooks! I think the trick to “Scrapbooking” is finding a way to make it super easy and not overwhelming, so I bought this super cute pre-made Scrapbooking kit for only $14 at Walmart for Kenzie. She loved the blank pages in the album, ready made stickers and fun girly colors. We printed off some of her favorite swim team photos and it was so easy for her to quickly turn her memories into a scrapbook of her summer swim season.


Walmart and have a giant assortment of scrapbooking goodies to help you easily create a beautiful way to showcase and store your treasured memories and moments. From photo albums to ready made scrapbooking kits to all the individual goodies you  might want to decorate or scrapbook with like adorable stickers to bedazzle your scrapbook pages with sparkle and themes.

This adorable photo album was only $6.97 and is a simple great option to organize and decorate your photo collections to highlight the memories from exciting vacations or seasons of life.


Love the $0.97 sticker packets. The gold ribbons were just right for Kenzie’s sports theme scrapbook.





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