ScriptSave® WellRx App Offers Free Prescription Savings Card Options

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Wow! Did you know that the ScriptSave® WellRx App Offers Free Prescription Savings Card Options???? Check out the Well Rx app and sign up for a FREE, yes FREE prescription savings card to help you find out which local pharmacies offer your required drugs for less and how much you’ll save using your own Well Rx card instead of whatever out of pocket costs your current insurance company might require you to pay. If you need a way to save on prescription medicines and don’t have insurance, this savings card is an absolute MUST HAVE resource for your family. If you have any chronic illnesses or even those occasional needs for prescription drugs you know the costs and fees for medicines can be overwhelming plus navigating insurance costs and fees is exhausting.

ScriptSave® WellRx App Offers Free Prescription Savings Card Options


Mashable says, “the Well Rx app is one of the 10 apps increasing health care access for low-income patients.” We think it’s simply fantastic that this savings card is FREE and provides a discount for any patient regardless of your current insurance status.

Average Savings with the Well Rx App and Savings Card

Did you know that the sometimes, the Script Save Well Rx program can generate savings of up to 80%?? Obviously that’s pretty incredible and not likely for every drug. On average, members realize a savings rate of around 44%. So some drugs yield small savings and others big savings. Either way, I’d sure like to save anything if possible since the cost to use Script Save Well Rx is absolutely FREE and anyone can sign up for this program.

This what the ScriptSave Well Rx App logo looks like. Learn more about Script Save WellRx here.


Why I Want to Save More on our Prescription Drugs

From now on before hitting the pharmacy, I’m definitely going to fact check my current costs versus using the Well Rx savings card to see if I can save more money!  My 11 year old daughter suffers from an immune disorder and asthma so we’re constantly on a regimen of daily controlled medicines to keep her asthma in check – not to mention we’re off and on antibiotics and stronger drugs for her asthma when she gets acutely ill with respiratory infections and her lungs spiral out of control. Luckily we have great insurance however, I’m always still shocked at how much we need to pay for specific drugs she needs to take on a daily basis. Her daily controlled asthma medicine costs us $148 monthly! Crazy right?

The app is really easy to navigate from the convenience of your smart phone too!


Here’s some asthma drugs I was able to search up using the app and see what kind of discount prices I’d receive at my local pharmacies in the Philadelphia suburbs.


Benefits of the Script Save Well Rx Program

• Free Prescription Savings Card

• Free Sign Up program online – print your card and/or use the App

• Instant savings at the register on brand-name and generic prescriptions

• Cost savings on prescription medications at over 62,000 pharmacies

• Prescription Savings up to 80% off retail price

• Average Prescription Savings up to 44% off retail price

• Anyone in the household can use the savings card

• PETS in your family can use this for prescription drug savings too!

• Unlimited usage — save again and again on your prescription drug needs

How to Use the Well Rx App and Prescription Card

Basically, just print out a handy WellRx savings card after you sign up – or use the app. Honestly, I signed up online and printed my card out in about 3 minutes. Easy peasy!


Next, there’s absolutely no cost to you the patient for trying the card. You can show the card to your  pharmacist and they can both price the medication with your current insurance benefits and  then compare that against the discount ScriptSave WellRx price.  You can choose the price that is less expensive. However, it’s important to note that we as patients can only pick one discount – you can’t use both the ScriptSave WellRx discount on top of the insured price.

So basically WellRx offers ANYONE a way to get discount styled prices on pharmaceuticals. I honestly think this is so wonderful and finally an option for those with really high out of pocket costs or those who don’t have prescription drug style insurance.

Download the Well Rx App

DOWNLOAD the WellRx App and use our INVITE CODE: CLASSY

ScriptSave® WellRx App Offers Free Prescription Savings Card Options

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Note: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ScriptSave® WellRx.

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