Secret Vaseline Jelly Recipes to Make Body Scrubs, Face Scrubs, and More!

Vaseline Jelly is a beauty staple in our household. I’m always astounded with the number of ways you can incorporate Vaseline Jelly into your skin care and beauty routine.


Original Vaseline Jelly can be used in so many ways.

Did you know you can make your own DIY Body Scrub and Face Scrub with Vaseline Jelly?

Did you know you can even make lip gloss with Vaseline Jelly Jelly and Kool-Aid?

How to make Kool-Aid Lip Gloss with Vaseline

DIY Vaseline Jelly Beauty Recipes

Here’s the scoop on these DIY Vaseline Jelly Beauty Wonders!

Vaseline Jelly Recipe for Body Scrub




Vaseline Jelly Recipe for Face Scrub


Vaseline Jelly for the Win for Long Distance Runners

Beyond beauty and general skin care tricks, Vaseline Jelly is fantastic at preventing blisters and chafing on feet, arms, and thighs for long distance runners.

I’ve ran marathons and ½ marathons, and as any distance runner knows, applying Vaseline Jelly to your feet, arms and thighs really reduces your your chance of getting blisters or chafing from the super sweat and rubbing that comes from miles and miles of exercise. And in the cool winter months, the top part of my achilles tendons and heels get super dry from being exposed to the cold given that is the one part of my skin not covered by clothing. I’ll apply just a thin layer at night to keep moisturizing my skin and trying to heel what becomes an ULTRA dry problem area for me.


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