Shimmer and Shine Wish and Spin Dolls Video Review #ShimmerandShineParty

If you have little girls in the preschool age group, they are probably fans of Nick Jr.’s popular Shimmer and Shine show. Now, Shimmer and Shine has launched a great line of toys, clothing, and books at Target so kids can have fun with their favorite characters off screen too!

Shimmer and Shine stars two twin sisters who are both genies, named Shimmer and Shine that grant wishes daily for a little girl named Leah  – some planned and some unplanned which creates all kinds of adventures. The show is fun, cheerful, and features catchy music and some good problem solving situations that both parents and kids will appreciate.


Shimmer and Shine Party Unboxing Video

Look at all the goodies Nickelodeon sent us so we could get ready for our Shimmer and Shine party and share all the latest new toys and book products with our littlest friends – along with screening some of the episodes from the DVD that features 7 genie-riffic episodes.  

Shimmer and Shine Wish and Spin Dolls Video Review

You can purchase the new line of Shimmer and Doll toys at Target now too! We saw them in store just this past week.

Brooke and Kenzie thought these Wish and Spin dolls were really fun!  The new toys are super cute and colorful. The Wish and Spin doll is priced at $39.99 and is super interactive for kids. We adore how you can CLAP to activate the dolls voice, spinning and wish granting moves. So cute!


Shimmer and Shine Mini Action Figure Dolls and Pets Review

The mini action figures are a more affordable option and equally as cute. I love mini dolls too as they leave all kinds of room for the kids to get creative and imaginative in their own play.

Free Downloadable Shimmer and Shine Coloring Book

Check out this FREE Shimmer and Shine Coloring book here and share it with your kiddos. We heart free coloring pages!  

shimmer shine free coloring book

Shimmer and Shine Party Photos

As you can tell, the little kids adore the new dolls. The preschooler and Kindergarten aged kids in our neighborhood adore Shimmer and Shine and regularly watch it on Nick Jr. Now, with the addition of all these cute Shimmer and Shine books and dolls, the kids can extend their play offscreen too!


During our little get together the kids loved browsing through the new Shimmer and Shine books.


I love how these are geared for various levels too, especially the inclusion of a Step Into Reading easy reader book. Yay!


IMG_7996 (1)

Check out the Shimmer and Shine DVD that includes 7 genie-riffic episodes.

Shimmer and Shine DVD cover

Note: This post is sponsored by Nickelodeon. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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