Shopkins Season 5 Video Review Limited Edition Sneak Peek #TTPM 

Hooray! We’re sharing a big reveal of Shopkins Season 5 in our video before their launch in stores on May 1st. Take a peek at the Shopkins Season 5 collection. We were able to check out the NEW Season 5 Shopkins at a special toy showcase in NYC yesterday and took lots of photos and video. We even took home a few adorable samples of Season 5 blind bags too!!!  So…..What’s new??? The little carrying cases are now CONNECTIBLE and look like little mini storage containers instead of  “shopping bags” or “shopping baskets” like in the past. The limited edition collection is ALL made up of tiny toys. Fun! Also, there are CHARMS in Shopkins Season 5 to make Shopkins Charm bracelets which is really fun too! Check out out Shopkins Season 5 Video Review Limited Edition below to see the sneak peek!

Shopkins Season 5 Video Review Limited Edition

Check out the limited edition collection for Season 5 — it’s all TINY TOYS! So cute. A Magic 8 Ball, Yo-Yo, Slinky, Top and Lego piece. Love it!

Photos of Shopkins Season 5  Limited Edition and More

Take a peek at our photos from yesterday’s event. We are loving the new Season 5 and I’m sure everyone will be clamoring to collect all these fun new “tiny toys” from the Limited Edition too!

You can learn more about Shopkins on their official website here.


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