Showing Our Disney Side on our 1st Visit to Disneyland

What a whirlwind! It’s amazing all you can do in 48 hours. We embraced our Disney Sides during the most magical trip to Disneyland. It was a 1st visit for our family as were invited to attend the world premiere of Disney Side, where Disney’s Social Media All Stars showcased their own genius Disney Sides – that special side of all of us that remains child-like, spirited, and still believes in magic – even when we’re all grown up.


We took part in the world’s largest “selfie” at the most instagrammed place on the planet – the Disneyland Castle with lots of other social media fanatics.

I sported my beloved mouse ears and rode rides till I was dizzy. I’m starstruck by the Disney characters just like my kids and can’t resist hopping in photos with almost all of them too – especially Chip & Dale who I remember meeting on my own very first trip to Disney World when I was 4 years old.




Sometimes showing your Disney Side means being willing to forget about our normal parenting rules too and just seize the moment. We definitely did that when I agreed to let all us ride Grizzly Rapids late at night when it was only about 55 degrees – yes we got soaked but it was totally worth it!

It was our very 1st visit as a family to Disneyland in California and we had a whirlwind 48 hrs and packed in all kinds of magic.

Kyle was up the first day by 3:45 AM thanks to the time difference and dressed and ready to go with his mouse ears and autograph book in hand by 5:45 AM. If that doesn’t show his Disney Side- I’m not sure what does!


Kenzie joined me for our interviews with the social media all stars too. We loved everyone but highlights included meeting Grumpy Cat and Tiffany Alvord, the singer. I also think Kenzie now is seriously wanting to start her own blog as she wanted to be up on stage like all these Disney All Stars. So cute!


Grumpy Cat was quite the sensation. And she looks adorable in person and is much smaller than I thought she’d be. She was quite a diva too – as the heat was getting to her so when she was outside she was resting on a pillow under an umbrella. So cute.

We LOVED LOVED LOVED Tiffany Alvord – check out her rendition of It’s a Small World. Beautiful and inspiring.

Everyone else was wonderful too – and the content they have created is well worth your time to check out  – I’ll be sharing more about it too!

Disney links out to all their Social Media All stars here.

And yes, we ate Mickey Waffles daily. There is nothing like a Mickey waffle!


We’re so grateful for Disney’s invitation and inspiration to never forget our Disney Side and for their encouragement to let it shine.

Walt Disney would be very proud of this campaign as I think it gets to the heart of his visions and dreams for Disney Parks – to bring out the child in all of us!

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