Simple Easy Kale Cobb Salad Recipe

Something about a cobb salad that I just absolutely  love! .. I think it has to deal with that crunch factor and cheese!Something about bacon, blue cheese, avocado and egg, what an amazing combo! For something that I love to order frequently.. I have never made at home. Once I realized this, I quickly changed that. Check out my Simple Easy Kale Cobb Salad Recipe below. With all the essentials, I quickly assembled this salad, only swap was kale & accompanied the salad with a chicken sausage. What a lovely spin on one of my favorites.

Simple Easy Kale Cobb Salad Recipe


Kale Cobb:

  • 1 medium bunch kale, washed, thick stems removed, roughly chopped
  • 1-2 hard boiled eggs, halved
  • half of ripe avocado, cut.
  • 4 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
  • 1-2 slices cooked bacon, chopped into small pieces, depending on the crunch factor
  • 1 chicken sausage
  • Sprinkle of blue cheese
    For the Kale Cobb:Divide the salad ingredients (kale, eggs, avocado, tomatoes, bacon, blue cheese + chicken sausage )  Assemble the kale first as your base then start to layer each item… drizzle with olive oil!Perfect lunch if you ask me : )

    Wondering some of the benefits of kale? Check this out!

    Hope to see you around, check out some more over at Piece Of Cait 🙂

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