Simple Valentine’s Day party Decor Ideas

Love is in the air! Check out ideas on how to set the festive mood with Simple Valentine’s Day party decor.  I love planning little celebrations all year long – both at home and in the kids classrooms at school. I picked up some simple Valentine’s Day party decor without breaking the bank at Walmart. Check out our simple Valentine’s Day party decor ideas with the themed set up we created in our kitchen below.

Simple Valentine’s Day party Decor Ideas

We scored all these goodies at Walmart in the Valentine’s Day party aisle. I love that the Walmart party decorations basically cost under $1 for whatever you purchase when it comes to paper products, treat bags, party decor and more. Here’s a photo of my Valentine’s Day haul to set my Valentine’s Day Tablescape.

You can shop at Walmart in store or online for Valentine’s Day party goodies.
  Beyond the basic paper products for our set up, I highly recommend the Heart Shaped confetti to sprinkle everywhere on your counters and tablecloth. It is so sparkly, bright, colorful, and festive! I felt like that really completed the look for us.

My next favorite piece is definitely the Chalkboard style Display that cost under $5. Check it out!

We think this Chalkboard Heart display is so ADORABLE. Writing “Cupcakes” or whatever dessert and sweet treat you are serving looks so cute! An easy way to look all Martha Stewart without necessarily having to work too hard!

  I added this simple heart mobile to my chandelier in the Kitchen to make things a little more festive. I’ve also seen neighbors hang this VERY mobile on their mailbox. What a cute idea! 

In Store Valentine’s Day Aisles Making Finding Party Supplies a Cinch

I love that Walmart makes it beyond easy to quickly pop and in and out of the store for holiday party necessities with their front of store seasonal sections. The Valentine’s area had so much stuff for me to literally shop for party decorations and supplies in just a few minutes. Sweet!

Love the paper goods that are only $0.98 each! Pretty much everything runs about that price as you can see!

I loved the selection of household and party “decor” type items too – from vases to wreathes to heart mobiles!

Walmart Moms 2014 Spring Disclosure

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