Simplify Back to School Skincare #PONDSPLUS @PONDS

Back to school is coming fast upon us and with it will be the MAD RUSH to race to the bus stop with the kids after making breakfast, packing lunches and ideally still looking presentable.   


Enter the 90 second make up and skin care routine!

My 90 second Beauty Routine

I like to keep things super simple. Post summer and with the coming cool air of Fall, my skin tends to get very dry.  Applying a moisturizer is mandatory for me.

I love Pond’s Dry Skin cream to deeply moisturize my skin PLUS prime my skin for natural-looking makeup. Next, I’ll opt for a super quick base foundation or BB+ cream, 2 strokes of blush, an application of lip liner and gloss, and a dash of eyeliner.

Super easy and yes I really can do all this under 2 minutes!

This quick routine is fabulous as it leaves me feeling confident but doesn’t take any time out of my schedule.


More about Pond’s Dry Skin Cream

 Here’s the official scoop on Pond’s Dry Skin Cream 

•       The caring classic is a rich hydrating facial moisturizer suitable for even the most dry or sensitive skin, locking in essential moisture while significantly reducing dryness

•       The rich and creamy formula is easily absorbed by the skin, making it a perfect base under makeup or for deep hydration at night

•       Dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin  


Note: I’m a member of the @PONDS #PONDSPLUS Beauty Brigade for 2014. 

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