Simplifying for the Long Haul

Participating in the Schick® Intuition® Simplicity Project encouraged me to focus on “simplifying” and organizing the areas in my life that caused me continual stress.

I’ve found the process liberating and honestly, the journey is just beginning as I’ve adopted some key philosophies that will continue to keep me in the simplicity state of mind.

Working with the Schick® Intuition® Organizational Expert Jill Pollack, enabled me to implement some great advice to reduce the clutter and disorganization in my home that generally caused me the most stress. I find a perfectly clean home so relaxing, but as a mom with children under the age of 6, it’s often impossible!

As a Miss Simplicity, I’ve explained I generally appear very organized to outsiders given my Type A personality and drive for success…. but I must profess, most people have not seen the hidden insides of my closets!

Jill’s overarching advice to set me on a path to purge my home of excess clothing and clutter included these key principles:

1. Less is More

2. Everything Needs a Place to Live

3. Accept that Legos are a part of life with young children. This means, accept items are going to get out of place when you have small children. However, with Jill’s tips I can simply and easily put belongings back in order.

The good news is that even though my Simplicity Project closet and laundry room makeovers are technically over, I’m still getting rid of excess items beyond what you’ve already read about when I eliminated my junk drawer and tackled my master bedroom closet.

Jill really taught me to think about what I keep in my home and if it’s worth the space it takes up – both physically and mentally!

So what’s the future for a Miss Simplicity to continue leading a more simple life that’s free of stress? Click here to read more!

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