Simply Spectacular Disney Fantasy Christening Event

Wow! Triple Wow. Wishes do come true. And Disney is simply magical. Always.

What a night. After touring the new Disney Fantasy cruise ship all day long with Disney Imagineers (AMAZING!), I changed into a fancy strapless dress and met Mike for an evening of fabulousness at the Disney Fantasy Christening event.  It was simply spectacular. Tough to describe in words the incredibleness of the Fantasy Christening Celebration. Every detail was thought about and the entire evening was ripe with non-stop entertainment and decadence as only the Disney Cruise Line can provide.

All the entertainment was top secret until the moment the show began. Neil Patrick Harris was the emcee of the evening. I nearly died when he walked out on stage as I’ve adored him ever since my crush on him in Jr. High when he play Dr. Doogie Howser. He sang and danced and introduced the evenings talent. All the dance routines were very New York mixed with Disney magic which I loved – Disney has my number!

And Jerry Seinfeld was the major “comedy” act of the evening. He was unbelievable. Totally hysterical. Mike and I were dying he was so good. I’ve never experienced comedy like that and I wish we could have his stand up act every date night! His comments on public bathrooms and the miscommunications between husbands & wives had Mike and I in stitches.

Every moment just got better and better with more surprises, glitz, glam, entertainment, divine food, decadent desserts and of course lots of celebrities – from Ty Pennington to Mayor Bloomberg. Being included in this guest list of about 800 people felt like winning a lottery ticket. I’ve just never been to a party like this before. It was unreal and simply spectacular.  The need for a 24 hour babysitter so we could both attend was well worth every penny for a date night like this – a far cry from our usual dinner and a movie in the suburbs.

I loved the confetti and fanfare of it all. I felt like we were living a dream as it all rained down on us  on multiple occasions throughout the evening!

Mariah Carey was named the Godmother of the ship and popped the cork on that HUGE Champagne bottle with her blessing to let loose all that magic!

Here’s lots of great photos from the Christening Celebration  – at Animator’s Palate – a magical meal with friends and where our own drawings were literally brought to life and animated on the big screen at the restaurant all in the time between the appetizer and dessert. Food was beyond yummy too!

We dined at a table with @SavvyMommy. So wonderful to catch up with old friends!

Our desserts were divine!

The ambience was awesome. Very artistic!

Hanging with my blogger friends @FoodieCityMom @RoleMommy @Mom101 @SelfishMom and @SavvyMommy. What a night!

Post dinner Mike and I toured the ship to take a few more snapshots of the glam environment and hang out in Europa. Europa is the adult “night club” district on the ship. It is magnificent and made up of 7 different countries – and 7 areas – all themed in totally different ways to match each country. Think an Irish pub, a bubbly champagne bar, an Italian Piazza, and my favorite – the Tube – a London dance club.

Loved the dessert trays they were strolling around with in Europa along with the Light Up cocktails that glowed in the dark.

Desserts at the Tube – so very London with the red teleophone booth.

Look at this Chocolate slipper!


No company throws a better party then Disney – they are in the Entertainment business after all and they sure know how to create magical memories. We’ll never forget our evening at the Christening of the Disney Fantasy and I can’t thank Disney enough for including Classy Mommy.

Stay tuned for continuous coverage of the new Disney Fantasy Cruise ship on both and as I’ll posting videos and photos of my tour with Disney Imagineers yesterday and Kenzie, Kyle, Mike and I will be sailing on a preview cruise for 3 nights later this month.


18 thoughts on “Simply Spectacular Disney Fantasy Christening Event”

  1. Wow. Now that’s what I call the perfect date night!

    And that chocolate slipper? So cool.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the ship when you set sail later this month.

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