Skip Hop’s Complete Sheet replaces the need for a Crib Bumper

I’m obsessing over this new innovative and super cute concept from Skip Hop. Skip Hop has just introduced a line of “complete” sheets which truly are a groundbreaking concept in crib bedding, as they offer the decor of a traditional bedding set all in a SINGLE sheet.

The Skip Hop COMPLETE SHEET gives the illusion of a crib bumper and blends together matching designs and decor all in 1 single sheet. Basically a coordinating pattern on top matches a theme on the surrounding sides of the sheet to give a total look that is normally only achieved with a traditional crib bumper.

I love that this reduces the need to worry over the possible safety hazards of a crib bumper, but lets parents and babies still enjoy the fabulous design look we all love in a babies nursery. Classy Mommy Approved!

With 11 designs to choose from, there is a style for everyone! Each complete sheet is priced at $24 and they sell additional matching items for the nursery – changing pads, nursery blankets, wall decals, wearable blankets and more. You can buy an entire 4 piece set for about $120.

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