Skull Island Reign of Kong Video Review #UniversalMoments

We loved Skull Island!!!!!! Universal’s Islands of Adventures opened this new attraction about 1 year ago and we finally had a chance to visit and experience this new thrilling ride for ourselves. We all loved it! Bonus: Skull Island: Reign of Kong also accepts Universal’s Express Pass so you won’t have to wait in long lines for this attraction. This tribute to King Kong is pretty spectacular! Check out our Skull Island Reign of Kong Video Review to see some of the action for yourself!

Skull Island Reign of Kong Video Review


Skull Island Reign of Kong Video Review

Express Pass Available on Skull Island Reign of Kong

Woohoo! This means you won’t have to wait in long lines if you have Universal’s Express Pass. Also, if you go early in the morning, given ride vehicles carry 72 passengers at a time, lines tend to be shorter. Hooray! There was only a 10 minute wait at 10 AM on our visit for any passengers. That’s great!

Highlights of Skull Island

The 80 foot temple was my favorite part! Seeing those doors open was magnificent. My daughter really loved how this 3D experience went from side to side in the vehicle instead of just like looking at a screen. For instance, at one point King Kong is on the right side of your caravan and then he jumps over it and the van shakes and then he is on the screen on the left side. Very cool!

Skull Island 80 Foot Temple

Also did you know there are 887 skulls in Skull Island ? Creepy and neat!

At the end of the ride you’ll be very impressed with the animatronics of a GIGANTIC King Kong. Looks very realistic and giant!

Skull Island Reign of Kong Video Review

What to Expect: Is Skull Island Scary??

We thought it was AWESOME! A great family ride for all ages that is exciting but not too thrilling for older people or super young kids. We didn’t think the ride from scary from the sense that there are physically no roller coaster style drops or sharp crazy turns.¬†That’s what gets this Mama worried! (Instead you’ll get on this giant caravan that seats 72 people and will take you on your adventure – that’s not so scary right?)

However, for your younger children, there are 3D elements and it is dark. You’ll wear 3D glasses and you’ll be able to see some Dinosaurs, King Kong and some spooky looking gross critters on the screens to both the left and right of your caravan. Overall, not scary, but I’ve found when my kids were younger it definitely helps to warn your littlest passengers about what they can expect to see on the ride so they don’t get too frightened.

Skull Island Reign of Kong Video Review

Note: Thanks to Universal Orlando for providing our family with complimentary 1 day tickets to experience the park. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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