Snakes and Lizards and Birthdays! Oh My!

Kyle’s 3rd birthday arrived! We celebrated in style with lots of very interesting friends this year when we invited the “Party Animal Express” to do an exotic animal show at our house. In December. Indoors.  I’m still cringing that all these critters stepped foot into our home but everyone including the parents loved the entertainment.

Here’s Kyle with a Chinchilla. The softest animal on the planet. Really.

Wearing Snakes was super popular too as all the kids got to try out a true Boa.

Here’s Kenzie about to get wrapped and twisted. She was very brave doing this first and set a great example to encourage most of the guests to give it a go.

Skunking it up. I nearly died when my friends told me they saw a skunk hidden in one of the cages.

Despite her bathing this one before hand, he did indeed stink. However, she told us his scent glands have been removed so there was no chance we’d get sprayed.

Kissing the Blue Tonged Lizard !  These critters grossly shedded on the carpet but luckily we were able to easily clean it up.

Kenzie feeling quite terrified at her impending lip lock!

My good friend Whitney from Mommies with Style and her boys meeting the Porcupine.

And Whitney’s Cole sporting the snake. This kid looks like a model!

Ferret Time!

Kyle wearing a chinchilla on his head! This guy has great balance.

Mommy and Kenzie cuddling with the chinchilla.

The party was a blast. At home parties are always the most fun and the perfect way to celebrate the wonderful year we’ve all had together.  From Daddy playing Balloon artist for the kiddos before the animals arriving to the dancing and costumes post dinner & cupcakes. Here’s Kyle getting groovy with the girls at the end of the night. I love these photos! (Sure they will make him cringe in years to come!)

Here he is as our Pirate Princess!

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