Snap Totes Coupon Code

Snap Totes are seriously an all time favorite Classy Mommy gift to give or receive. We’ve got a special 10% off coupon code valid until 9/30/09 for our readers below. If you want an amazing personalized photo gift and are looking to capture the spirit the of your kiddos, consider Snap Totes photo handbags. I’ve got the Classic Tote and it is an ideal size for makeup, wallet, and kid stuff without being too big or bulky. We’ve even given this gift 2x to my husband’s Mother, as she felt bad that Grandchild # 2 was not on her purse, so we gave her an updated purse last year featuring both grandkids. Classy Mommy Approved. Click our link to save10% with code classybeach09 which will expire 9/30/09. For more information, click here. Price: $100

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