Snuggie for Kids

Oh yeah, the Snuggie is now available for kids. Toys R Us is selling these sensational wearable blankets in blue or pink and they even come with a free pair of slipper socks complete with grippies. Did that sound like an infomercial or what? We were too excited to get a sample of this Snuggie for Kids to review after watching all the adverts last year. We constantly joked that I needed one after Kenzie saw a promo for it and realized it would fulfill my needs. (I’m crazy chilly in the morning and can usually be found wrapped up in a blanket walking around the house.) The snuggie for kids is sized on the bigger "kid" scale as it actually fits me without any room to spare – but I am petite at 5 ft 2. Still cozy for the preschool set and even toddler Kyle enjoys snuggling up in it. Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $15

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