So Proud of our Swim Team Kids

These kids. Determination, hard work, and the love of swimming is giving both Kenzie and Kyle an amazing summer swim season. So proud of both of them- especially Kyle. Look at this guy standing ready to swim his 25 freestyle. He is still diving in off the side – in a sweet belly flop but somehow he is going pretty darn fast.


Last year this kid could not even swim, let alone swim a lap. He has persevered through a zillion lessons these last few years and finally overcome it all and learned to swim. He shocked us all last night by swimming his 25 free with ZERO breaths during the entire lap in his efforts to try and swim faster – given he still doesn’t quite know how to breathe and is stuck in a doggy paddle stye breath – he realized on his own he’d just skip breathing all together as he knew this would make him swim his best time!

Kenzie is setting a pool record in the backstroke here – she had a great night breaking pool records in the free, back, and her free relay! She has had an amazing season of breakthroughs and best times in all of her events. So fun to see her hard work and efforts pay off with fast times after a tough winter of being sick all the time.


Here’s some more great shots we captured of the kids in motion.






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