Introducing Solutions 24 Dark Circles Corrector Stick Video Review Series

Over the next 4 weeks, I’ll be trying to reduce the dark circles under my eyes with the help of Solutions 24 Dark Circles Corrector Stick. I’ll be using the corrector stick in the morning and evening daily and update my progress each week. We’ll see if we can see any difference in my photos or videos or if I notice any real life changes. I’m excited to give this a go as thanks to my allergies and the general stress of being a busy Mom (especially thanks to the crazy stressful month we just had with Mike almost DYING while on a business trip!!!!!), I’ve noticed these dark circles are definitely more prominent as I age.

Solutions 24 Dark Circles Corrector Stick Video Review Series

Take a live peek at the products available from Solutions 24, the packaging, and the dark circles under my own eyes BEFORE I start the daily regimen.

Solutions 24 Dark Circles Corrector Sticks

You can tell from my video and photos below just how simple and convenient this product looks like it will be to use. The roller stick feels smooth and cool to the touch. I can not wait to start using it!

Solutions 24 Corrector sticks are small and portable – they say you can even use it to “refresh” during the day too! I’m officially testing the “dark circle” corrector treatment but I also am very interested in trying out the “puffy eyes” treatment.

All 3 versions of the Solutions 24 Corrector Sticks are for sale for under $13 at all 1800 Walmart stores and at The Dark Circles corrector stick sells for $11.23 at

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