Speedy the Sloth Sequin Pets Available at Target @FaberCastellUSA

Genius plush from Creativity for Kids! Speedy the Sloth Sequin Pets Available at Target! Check out the latest brand new critter in the collection here! Sequin Pets are plush stuffed animals that are weighted for comfort and relaxation. I absolutely ADORE these critters. Available in both small and larger sizes in a variety of animals. Speedy the Sloth just made his debut this week and is available EXCLUSIVELY at Target.

What makes Sequin Pets even cooler is that they are geared for sensory processing. Partially covered in sequins and the larger animals come with reusable felt stickers. So fun!!!!

Speedy the Sloth Sequin Pets Available at Target

How cute is Speedy the Sloth? I love his reusable stickers! The glasses are awesome as is the frappucino style milkshake available for sipping!

This brand new extra special Sloth Sequin Pet is now on sale at Target exclusively. MRSP is $24.99

Mini Sequin Pets

The Mini Sequin Pets are on our Classy Mommy Top Holiday Gifts list for 2018. With an MSRP of $9.99 and total adorableness combined with sensory play to calm, cuddle and comfort. The Mini Sequin Pets are available in 5 colorful and whimsical styles. Color ways appeal to both boys and girls too!

Dazzle the Dinosaur, Twinkles the Elephant, Norbert the Narwhal, Hope the Hippopotamus, and Sprinkles the Unicorn.

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