Spider Girl Costume

This week our "it" costume is Spider Girl. As we approach Halloween, Kenzie has been digging through the mail order catalogs and going ga ga over the possible costume combinations. This Spider Girl costume is unique and it gives her the option of matching her toddler brother for their haunted evening in the neighborhood. Plus, I love that she won’t be just another Disney Princess like every other girl on the block or like every day at home when she’s playing dress ups. Probably, why the princess look didn’t appeal to her for the big Halloween Day! I’m always hesitant to order anything – especially this expensive – until the actual holiday gets closer since kids can be so fickle. However, Kenzie seems set on this $40 costume that is only perfect if paired with the Hot Red Shazam Boots which add another $30 to our pricetag. I’m sitting on this one for another week or two since last year our Dorothy costume was borrowed & free. For more information, click here. Price: $40

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