Spiderman Crocs

Crocs. For Kyle, a toddler who loves the outdoors, these spiderman crocs signify his escape to freedom. For Mom, these Crocs are like my new best friend because I finally found a pair of shoes ultra easy to slip on my 18 month old’s wiggling body in all of 5 seconds. We first discovered Crocs when I bought a pair for Kenzie, now almost 4, when she was also 18 months old. I felt the same relief with these comfy bright rubber shoes for her as well. I’ve never worn adult Crocs so I can’t attest to the comfort but I do know that just about every kid in the world seems to rave about them so one of these days I’ll need to invest in my own pair. Kenzie and now Kyle sometimes get tripped up in Crocs if they’ve just sized up to the next size (since they are sized to fit 2 shoe sizes vs just 1 size) but the cool factor coupled with the ease of getting them on and off along with being entirely waterproof make Crocs our go to summer shoe. This Cayman style croc is my favorite too. Since, the Cayman is not an open toed shoe, we can use them with socks for school or winter time activities making the life of the shoe last for the better part of a year given the sizing. Almost unheard of given how fast my kids feet grow! And little Kyle is seriously proud of these bright blue shoes and he adores the little Spiderman Marvel Hero featured on his pair. Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $30

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