Spotted: Tori Spelling at Children's Place

What did she buy?! Well, after a little over an hour shopping she bought the kids matching Cozy Boots, a steal at just $28.50.

She also got two Halloween costumes (which JUST hit stores this week) for both Stella and her cousin. Stella also loved the plaid trend. Tori purchased a few plaid pieces for her from the Back To School collection. I also bought Kenzie a very cute plaid skirt from their new Fall collection that she fell instantly in love with while we were shopping there last week. Liam tried on lots of hats, from dressy to casual. He liked both the baseball caps and fedoras!

When Tori was asked what she thought of the store, she said: “Everything is better than the next. I love it here!” And husband, Dean said that they “would definitely come back often! These prices are so great and the clothes are so cool.” He even Tweeted about it saying, “Got all the kids back to school clothing at The Childrens Place. What a great store!!!”

Check out their stocked full car!

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