Time to Plant the Flowers! Spring is in the Air

And in store too! It’s great to see all the Gardening and Patio displays out at local stores now as it is beyond motivating me to get my deck and patio in shape so we can maximize our resort style living at home this April or May as soon we hit those 65 -75 degree plus days.


Here’s some gorgeous and affordable flower displays from the Garden center at Walmart.  My favorite thing to do is plant flowers in pots on my deck and surround my entire deck with hanging baskets. It brightens up the entire area and I feel like the flowers I use help make my deck a true extension of our home in the summer.


This season I’m also thinking of trying to refresh cushions on our patio furniture as I love the new bold stripes and patterns this season.



And my little guy Kyle has high hopes for a garden. I think we’ll need to stick to planted tomatoes unless we really leverage our green thumb to start an actual garden in our yard. The kids are dying for a garden, but Mom and Dad so far have not gotten one dug yet. I’m adding it to our Spring To Do List – and if we don’t do an actual garden we are 100% going to do a series of potted plants with veggies and strawberries. The kids are so excited!


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  1. Kids always LOVE a garden. It is something that is extremely rewarding. There is nothing like eating what you grow!!!

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