Squishmallows plush Video Review and giveaway #SquishmallowSquad @Squishmallows

Super soft cozy and amazing plush from Squishmallows for the win! Check out our new Squishmallows plush Video Review and giveaway below for the inside scoop on this hot new product for holiday 2017. We are absolutely in LOVE with these new plush critters from Squishmallows. As a Mom, I haven’t been so excited about a new cuddly product in a long time! These critters are SOOOOO unbelievable and fun. Just totally cozy and soft and make you want to cuddle up with them.

Squishmallows plush Video Review

We received samples of almost every characters and each size. Take a peek at our photo and video to see them up close and get a real feel on the sizing dimensions. Awesome value with their pricing too. Yay!

The Squishmallows line includes pink and blue penguins, purple and grey owls, a cat, fox, frog and hedgehog. These guys are SOOOO adorable and so fluffy. You just want to squeeze them! They are made of a unique line is made of super soft spandex “EF” and polyester stuffing — honestly these critters feel like they have some type of memory foam in them. They are fluffy and cozy and just plain squishy!

Squishmallows plush Video Review

Where to Buy Squishmallows

The prices are AMAZING on Squishmallows. Classy Mommy is very impressed with this new line and we give Squishmallows a big stamp of our approval.

Sizing and prices goes like this: Clip-ons (3.5”), small (8”), medium (13”) and large (16”). Squishmallows have a suggested retail price of $2.99, $6.99, $12.99 and $19.99 per the above sizing. Nice prices – am I right??
These are available for sale now at national retail chains which include Walgreens and Five Below too! You can also always purchase directly online at Squishmallows.com.
I can’t wait to see what is to come next from Squishmallows since the line will expand in 2018 with seasonal styles including Valentine’s Day and Easter. Fans who sign up for the email list on the website get first access to four special editions coming soon. Sign us up now!!!!!!!!

Squishmallows Giveaway Entry Details

One (1) winner receives: A prize package similar to our above Squishmallows package to include assorted sizes and animals.  Open to US mailing addresses only. 

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Note: Thanks to Squishmallows for sending us the above samples to feature our reviews. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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  1. Oh boy these are Adorable!!! My daughter would love them. I think the little clip-ons are sweet (really cute to put on a backpack). I also think the prices are good.

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