St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas Rainbow Pot of Gold Chain and Leprechaun Mask

Take a peek at these simple St. Patrick’s Day craft projects which include some fun stuff created by the kids .My 1st grader Kyle was inspired to create this charming little Leprechaun Mask. Oh how I love the crafts made by young children. it’s not about perfection and instead about creativity! Kenzie, age 9, is a bit more detail oriented so she created this charming pot of gold and rainbow chain. The 2 crafts make seasonal decorations together too so we’ve got them hung on our mantle.  The St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas Rainbow Pot of Gold Chain & Leprechaun Mask details are all below. Enjoy!


St. Patrick’s Day Craft Supplies

Both of these easy craft ideas use simple basic supplies you are likely to have in your craft closet. If not, stock up in Walmart’s craft aisle on basics like construction paper, wiggly eyes, and popsicle sticks so when your kids are ready to get creative you’ve got the goods on hand to keep them entertained for hours.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Construction paper of all the colors of the rainbow and black
  • Scissors
  • one box of Scotch tape glue dots, or glue or tape
  • one pencil
  • Markers
  • White Paper Plate for your Mask & Popsicle stick if you’d like to attach it to your mask for easy holding
  • Wiggly Eyes for your Mask or you can draw in eyes


Rainbow Pot of Gold Chain Directions

  1. first, draw rectangles that are pretty skinny, and all about the same size on the construction paper the colors of the rainbow.
  2. next, cut them all out.
  3. then, get the red construction paper and glue/tape  it to make a loop or circle.
  4. after that, get the orange peice of paper and loop it around the red loop and glue or tape it to make another loop.
  5. continue doing that with all of the colors in rainbow order. ( ROY G BIV )
  6. once your done, draw a pot with your pencil on the black piece of paper and cut it out.
  7. then, draw a cloudy shape on your yellow paper for the gold. Pencil in various pieces
  8. Connect it all together!!!!

Leprechaun Mask Directions

Check out Kyle’s masterpiece below. I absolutely love that he had the vision for this project and I let him run with it with zero guidance from Mom. Awesome!


This one is easy peasy…. Just color in orange hair around the rim of your “paper plate” face. Let your little one draw a face however they desire. You could draw eyes and make a wink or use simple Wiggyly Eyes like we used that we found at Walmart. Cute! Cut out a green hat from construction paper and add a buckle. Tape it all together and use a popsicle stick for your handle so the kids can fool around with it “mask” style and pretend to be a little Leprechaun.



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