Steiff Dossy Rabbit

Happy Easter! This adorable plush stuffed rabbit from Steiff has caused quite a sensation in our home the last few days. He is a gorgeous as you would expect from the classic Steiff company but truly it’s my kids imaginations that has turned this realistic looking animal into a legend. After receiving a free sample of the Dossy Rabbit shown here from Steiff, I decided it would be fun to pretend the bunny just "showed up" on it’s own at our house in preparation for Easter. And that maybe the real Bunny had left it here for the kids. The kids totally fell for it. And then after Dad secretly animated the rabbit for Kenzie when she couldn’t see him, she believed her stuffed Steiff had come to life. For the last 48 hrs our little rabbit has been very busy slightly moving from place to place with a little help from me, and even unknowingly from 2 yr old Kyle. 4 year old Kenzie has since developed an entire new theory of the Easter Bunny revolving around bunny toys coming to life and cooperating with real rabbits that we find in nature to do all the work for Easter at each home since that rabbit we see at the Mall is only a "character" and not a real bunny at all. Stuffed animals are clearly more than a soft toy if you add a little imagination and love. This Steiff is going to be part of our family forever and certainly is now part of our very own Easter mythology. This Steiff bunny makes a great gift for Spring or summer – check out the website as there are tons of other gorgeous critters seeking a special home. For more information, click here. Price: $32

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