Step2 Artic Splash Water Table

If you are looking for a super water table, the new Step 2 Artic Splash is the ultimate find and Classy Mommy’s favorite water table on the market. Powered by pure gravity, your kiddos can fill a little bucket with water to create a waterslide for the 3 super squirting Polar Bear, Walrus, and Penguin critters that come with your 2 tier table. I love how no batteries are required and your kids will be entertained and cooled off on hot summer days as they splash around with this functional water table. Kenzie & Kyle are obsessed with this toy! And I’m a huge fan of the water table only as the sand & water table combos end up being really messy and less fun for everyone involved. The added bonus and super value with the Artic Table is truly that no batteries are required but your kids will still have the thrill of a waterslide attached to their table since it’s powered by pure water flow. Love it. Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $50

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