Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

Stokke recently sent us their Tripp Trapp High Chair to review. Wow! A true example where form meets the function but style is not sacrificed. The biggest highlights for me (and I presume most Moms) will be the following. Finally having a high chair that matches my decor seemlessly, the enjoyment of a classy product made of wood vs. a chunky plastic contraption embellished with bold bright colors, and the fact that this high chair pushes flush against my kitchen table disguising it as a normal chair. These highlights are huge for me. I’ve loved my Fischer Price Aquarium high chair that we’ve had for 4 years, but it is a tacky piece of baby gear cluttering up my kitchen despite how easy it is to wipe down and that I can roll it away into the corner. As for the functionality of the Tripp Trapp, it is unbeatable and no other high chair or booster seat can match what Stokke can offer with it’s adjustable seat and foot rests according to both depth and height. This adjustability truly enables you to fit your child perfectly into the chair at just the right height for the table. Even better, this chair allows your child to be seated at the table with the entire family instead of off in a corner in a high chair.Kyle, at 20 months, was a little skeptical of the chair the first few weeks we had it out since kids are used to their routine. Now, at almost 22 months, he is all over the Stokke and never wants to go into his old plastic high chair. He is able to climb up into the high chair himself and loves feeling like a big boy at the table with the entire family. We often use the 5 pt harness to strap him in, but I profess he often climbs up himself at snack time or to color and then he just is sitting in the chair on his own until I can catch him in the act and secure him.Stokke is harsh on the wallet compared to the mass produced plastic high chairs, but it is eco-friendly and will seriously last your children for years given the seat adjustability factor. For new babies, you can buy an attachable bucket seat for $70 to use with your Tripp Trapp until the kiddo is a little more stable and can use just the 5 point harness. 11 Color choices – everything from bright red to pink to blue including the classic walnut we’ve selected to match my kitchen table. Fabulous high chair and I highly recommend it especially if you do not want to sacrafice style. I wish someone had clued me in to this chair before Mackenzie was born. Classy Mommy Approved! For more information, click here. Price: $250

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