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Calling all Rick Riordan fans! Check out our Storm Runner Book Review for all the scoop on this new title for middle grade readers. This fall brings the release of another Rick Riordan Presents book, Storm Runner, by J.C. Cervantes, full of action, adventure and Maya Mythology. Kenzie read this before it was released and instantly loved it. As expected, with any Rick Riordan title,  this book quickly captured her attention just like last spring’s, Aru Shah, featuring Indian cosmology and folklore. Like Aru Shah, this book will also be a series which I love because it keeps our kids reading MORE. For my kids, once they find a character they can connect with and a topic that is interesting to them, they will just plow through the pages title after title!

Storm Runner is great for middle grade readers.  Check out what 12 year old Kenzie has to say about it in her mini review below. She finished the book in a just a few days – even during the hustle and bustle of middle school homework, cross country practice and swim team workouts!

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Kenzie’s Thoughts on Storm Runner

I loved the Storm Runner so much! I especially loved how the book was written – the entire book was a letter from Zane – the main character – to the Maya gods.

The Storm Runner also has an AMAZING ending that leaves you wondering about the Maya gods, the underworld, Xib’alb’la, and everything in between. This book taught me so much about the Maya culture and the huge world of myths and legends all from the story of Zane Obispo, an average kid with a bum leg, whose destiny is intertwined with the gods.
More about Maya Mythology

We received a sample book to facilitate our featured review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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