Strawberries Galore!

Summertime means strawberries galore in our household. Mackenzie & I can’t get enough of them. We eat them almost daily for a snack and sometimes in cereal, on pancakes in the morning or even in a smoothie for a tasty treat. With all the strawberries we eat, Mackenzie loves sporting this Classy Mommy fave – a Happy Panda Strawberry tee originally from last summer. It is a little tight now that she is a year older……. but she loves that she can also match Kyle who has a Happy Panda tee with a Soccer Ball on it!

California had a record smashing strawberry season this year and I just came across these fun tidbits that remind me of snapple facts! Share these ones with your kids:

-If you lined up all of the strawberries grown in California in one straight line, they would wrap around the entire Earth 15 times.
-Guessing game! There are about 200 seeds on the outside of each strawberry.
-California harvests over a billion pounds of strawberries annually.
-One acre of land (about the size of one football field) grows about 50,000 pounds of strawberries – that’s the same weight as 4 elephants!

And if you want to mix up your strawberry routine check out this link as hundreds of strawberry recipes can be found here. For more strawberry entertainment, Visit Strawberryville, an online destination for kids full of interactive games, activities and kid-friendly recipes!

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