Styling Shoes for Fall under $10

Do you like to freshen up your seasonal Fall Wardrobe? What key pieces do you like to buy? I love snapping up new leggings, scarves, and shoes so I can transform existing outfits and create a few new ones altogether.  Faded Glory at Walmart has all kinds of super cute trendy flats for under $10. I picked up these 3 pairs to style my Fall outfits. LOVE THEM! 

Fall Flats under $10

Aren’t these cute? I’m loving the golds and silvers this season. They add a real pop to casual outfits and dress up jeans and leggings too!


New Fall Outfit for Under $22 at Walmart

Even better, when challenged to style an entire outfit for under $30 at Walmart, I was able to come up with a $22 outfit that included:

$9 flats – Assorted shimmering, glitters and solid silvers and colors available. Prices vary based on sales and what’s in stock.

$5.88 Leggings from No Boundaries  – Available in multiple patterns and colors at and in store.

$6.94 – Striped henley long sleeve Faded Glory Tee – Available in multiple color ways in solids and stripes.


These seamless ankle length leggings are FABULOUS. Ultra comfortable, totally stylish and they go perfect paired with high heels, flats or tall boots for Fall.


And you can never go wrong with a black and white long sleeve as black and white is always on trend.



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