Stylish Arc Notebooks from Staples

These trendy and functional Arc notebooks from Staples make a perfect stocking stuffer. Literally anyone can customize these notebooks to fit their needs. Earlier this month we gave out 200 of these to our attendees at the Mom Mixer – showering Moms with organizational goodies is so much fun!

You start out with a basic notebook – in either leather or a classy print – for instance, I love their classy black and white floral or spiral designs.


Leather starts at $14.99 and the Poly starts at only $7.99. You can go with leather in color or classic black or brown shades.

Then, you’ve got 60 repositionable pages that can pop in and out as you need them or as you change you mind on your organizing plans. You can add bold colored dividers or pocket pages too so you can have a business section and a life / kids section – perfect for Moms!

Truly, the Arc was designed to let create the organizational system that works best for you – because everyone’s life and needs are different – the only way to get organized is to create the system that works right for you.


I just can’t let go of the pen & paper when it comes to my To Do lists and I love that this the right size to fit in my purse and help me remember everything. Before I had kids, I didn’t seem to need these crazy lists but now that I’m responsible for all my stuff plus the schedules of 3 other people I seriously need to write EVERYTHING down so I don’t forget.

Bonus: Kids will love these too! Kenzie is motivated to use her very own Arc notebook from Staples each week to practice all her spelling words. She’s in 1st grade and we test her on her words each night and she loves to take her quizes in this and use it journal style too. So fun!


Disclosure: Staples was a gift bag sponsor at the Mom Mixer I hosted earlier this month. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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