Suave-ing it up with an Emmy Party

In honor of Suave styling Kate Walsh’s hair for the Emmy Awards, they invited my local stylist over to my home so she could create Suave inspired hair makeovers for my girlfriends and I. We had a great time pretending to “glam” it up for the red carpet.

My hysterical friend Julie captures just how wonderful it is to escape the Mommy routine as she prepares to get styled by Sue with the Suave’s line of professional products.

And 3 year old Kenzie joined in on the fun too. She was probably the true star of the red carpet evening! This kid loves make up and fashion. She is non stop into the makeovers so this was her kind of party. I never had such a girly streak as a kid, but Kenzie is all over the beauty routines.

And lots more pics! Several of us went for the bouncy curly look and used Suave’s mousse along with Sue curling our hair either with an iron or hot rollers and then applying Suave’s hair spray. My girlfriend Allison went with a very sleek up-do after Sue flat ironed her hair.

We had a blast and really enjoyed the chance to focus on our own hair for a change and to get tips from a professional. Thanks to Suave Professionals for inviting my stylist Sue over to our house to work her magic. If you note this before picture, you can see I had a major transformation!

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