Summer Crafts for Toddlers

6 Simple Summer Crafts for Toddlers

Check out our list for inspiration for easy Summer Crafts for Toddlers below! Summer can be a lot of fun, but it can also be too much for little ones to handle some days. When the summer heat becomes too much for your toddler, why not stay inside and make a few fun crafts to celebrate the season. Here are some simple summer crafts to do with your toddler anytime.

Paper towel tube streamers

Streamers are too much fun for toddlers to play with. They can run around waving the streamers through the air to add a celebratory touch to any day. Start with a clean paper towel tube and nine ribbons, at least 20 inches long. To the inside edge around one end, staple the ribbons so that they hang evenly all the way around. Your toddler can choose the colors of ribbons, as well as decorate paper that can be glued around the tube.

Paper Plate Sunshine

When summer storms roll in, creating paper plate suns can add some cheer inside. Let your toddler paint or color a paper plate yellow. Using yellow construction paper, cut triangles that your toddler can glue around the edges of the plate. Glue yarn or string to the back and hang the sun up where you need a little sunshine.

Summer Beach Bag

Let your toddler have her own beach bag for toting when you go out. Purchase a plan canvas tote bag, and fabric paints to decorate it with. Let your toddler draw designs across the bag. You can also let your toddler choose photos that you can print onto iron-on paper to add to the bag. Look for fun coloring page images that you can iron on and let your toddler color with special fabric paint markers.

Colored Pasta Necklace

Make a basic macaroni necklace brighter by dying the pasta before hand. Separate uncooked large macaroni noodles into several zipper bags. To each bag, add 10-15 drops of food coloring. Seal the bag and shake to evenly cover each noodle. Lay the noodles out in the sun to dry. Once dry, your toddler can string them together to make a colorful necklace that is also safe.

Wax Paper Suncatcher

When you have lots of little leftover crayon bits, this is a great craft to use them up. Help your toddler cut simple shapes, in pairs, from sheets of wax paper. Using a grater, shred the left over crayon pieces onto one wax paper shape. Try to cover the paper as much as possible. Lay a matching shape over the top, lining p the edges as much as possible. Cover the wax paper with newspaper or a towel and iron gently on low until the crayon is all melted. Hang the shapes up in a window where the sun can shine through them and enjoy the view.

Make Your Own Headband

Flowered headbands are the new craze.  Make one with your toddler, maybe even a matching set.  Take a simple headband, hard or nylon, and some fast drying glue.  Gather all your favorite ribbons, pearls, rhinestones, boas, and flowers – then go crazy!!!  Look at pictures for ideas on styles and designs.  How fun to have a picture taken with your matching headbands.

One thing to remember is make sure you get a craft apron to protect your toddler clothing from unwanted designs that aren’t removeable!


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