Summer Essentials: The Best Water Balloons Ever! @BunchoBalloons #UnleashSummer #BunchOBalloons @ZURUToys #MrSummer

If your kiddos love water balloons like my crew, then add Zuru’s Bunch o Balloons to your MUST HAVE ESSENTIALS. These self-sealing balloons are AMAZING! You can fill up literally like 33 balloons at once! I love to buy their 3 packs of 100 balloons – grab them in store or online at Amazon – prices range from about $7-9.99 for 100 balloons which equal hours of splashing and running around in the backyard for summertime fun!

The Best Water Balloons Ever

Zuru’s Bunch o Balloons are definitely the Best Water Balloons Ever

Check out Zuru’s Water Balloons on Amazon here.

IMG_6745 (1)


These balloons all literally self tie. It’s AMAZING! So easy and makes Mom and Dad’s job of filling 100 water balloons in virtually no time the easiest job in the world. So much backyard fun!IMG_6770-ANIMATION

And my kids love playing with the hose post filling the balloons too before we untwist everything!!! LOL 🙂

IMG_6751 (1)

I love how easy it is to help my kids have the funnest water balloon fights with friends and neighborhood kids thanks to Zuru’s genius Bunch o Balloons! These make our summer parties super easy and provide tons of entertaining fun!

Learn more about Zuru here. 

There’s tons of options to buy Bunch o Balloons  – even a cool mega catapult to use with them too!


Zuru’s Mr. Summer

Thanks to Zuru for sending us samples of their Bunch o Balloons to facilitate our features. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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