Super Easy Citrus Smoothie Recipe

I promise you will LOVE this super easy to make Citrus Smoothie Recipe. It’s delicious! Made with milk and blood red oranges, but any variety will work. Perfect for a snack, healthy dessert, or even a quick breakfast meal. We’re all about smoothies at our house. My kids love fresh fruit and especially enjoy the treat of devouring their fresh fruit smoothie style.

We make our smoothies with fresh or frozen fruit and generally use classics like strawberries, bananas, and blueberries typically combined with milk.

Since it’s January and I’m trying to up the kids and my own Vitamin C intake, I wanted to try something new and incorporate fresh citrus fruits into a smoothie. The results were excellent and our Citrus Smoothie tastes delicious. Walmart has a vast array of Citrus fruits this time of year and I thought I’d be a little adventurous and go for the Blood Red Oranges. The colors are vibrant and I knew my kids would be thrilled with the concept of oranges that were RED on the inside.

We also added a clementine to our smoothie and a bit of banana. These are 2 fruits we ALWAYS have in stock at home as they’re in season in winter.

Take a peek at our recipe below. Note you can really add whatever fruits you desire and any citrus fruits or orange varieties will work great. I do recommend adding a few pieces of frozen fruit . Strawberries work great since they are small.

 Easy Citrus Smoothie Recipe

Serving Size: 1 Large Smoothie


1 Blood Red Orange (slice and then peel)

1 Clementine (peel)

1/2 Banana

4 Frozen Strawberries

1/2 Cup Milk

1 teaspoon of honey or add as much as you desire!

Directions: Use an immersion blender or traditional blender. Peel all fruit. Place all fruit ingredients in your blender container. Drizzle with honey. Pour 1/2 cup Milk over fruit and honey. Blend well and serve cold. Enjoy!  

My kids love to participate in the smoothie process, so I let them pour the milk over the fruit and drizzle on the honey before we blend.

Get creative with your smoothies and add whatever fruits inspire you. It’s fun to make smoothies that taste different every time as you’ll never get bored of them! We love adding milk as it’s a great way to be sure our kids our getting their much needed Calcium. Especially for Kyle who is somewhat depleted due to his Celiac disease.

As for Citrus fruit options, Walmart sells TONS of varieties beyond the basic orange so be on the look out for the following Citrus options: Moro Oranges, Plummelos, Minneaola Tangelos, Navel Oranges, Cara Cara Navel Oranges, Clementines, Grapefruit, Blood Oranges, and Persian Limes.

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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