Surprise & Delight your Kids with a Phone Call from Santa is a super cool service that will thrill your children with a telephone call from Santa for only $4.99. High tech at it’s best with these personalized recordings from Santa.

The phone call is fully personalized and includes over 1 million combinations. Wow!

  • – The child’s name
  • – Their location
  • – The sender’s name and relationship to the child (Mom, Dad, etc.
  • -What the child wants for Christmas – (tons of toy options everything from Barbie to HotWheels to the latest toys of the season like a Furby or exclusive 1D doll! )
  • -What behavior the child needs to work on or improve (ex: don’t fight with your sister, brush your teeth!)

It’s ultra easy to sign up to receive a call for your child online via the website. There are 2 call options -one is a general Merry Christmas Theme about which toys your child wants and that they’ve been so good they are one of the best kids in their state – with a call our to your specific location. I was especially impressed with the ability to personalize the toy the child is asking for this Christmas on the Merry Christmas list.



Kyle thought this phone call was very exciting and was thrilled that he was recognized for being one of the best behaved boys in the state of Pennsylvania!

Both kids were VERY impressed that Santa also told them he’d be planning to stop at our house 1st. I’m sure come Christmas Eve these kidlets are going to be wild with excitement and anticipation. Kyle told us already he plans to try to stay up all night hoping to spot Santa….


And for those “doubting” Santa, this call will be a great trick to extend the magic.

The other call option was a reminder to “Be Good!”

For “misbehaving” kids who worry about being on the naughty list, perhaps for good reason, I really liked the specifics on behavior that the child needed to work on improving such as “Work on not complaining, fighting with siblings, or remember to make your bed, etc.

Calls are $4.99 and for an extra $0.99 you can get an email sent to you with a recording of the call. Kids will really like this as they’ll be able to listen to the call again and again!

Can you see Kyle’s surprise and shock at his special call from the North Pole? Kids loved it and are telling everyone about their phone call from Santa!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.




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