Sweating the Mom Stress: What’s your Secret?

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What are your most stressful and sweat inducing Mom moment’s? My busy days as a Mom may be filled with lots of fun, games, and joy, but they are no leisurely picnic either. I remember when my littles were babies, people said to be sure to relax, enjoy the moments, and that things would only get busier and more crazy as my children got older.

Never before have I received such sage advice.

I love being a Mom but I profess that it does make me stressed in a good way. I love to keep busy but just thinking about my daily routine Monday – Friday makes me sweat.

Action packed with exercise and stress. Personal/Mom stress, work stress, and healthy wellbeing stress!

Things are easier and literally nonstop fun with a preschooler and 1st grader, but I find I am running around non-stop most days coordinating all their transportation for activities and then squeezing in my own work and active lifestyle. I love to fit in a run most days and this spring I though it would be fun to join a Tennis team to meet more real life friends to get me off the laptop since I’m alway so busy blogging and working. It’s been really fun but something that does add a bit more “sweat” into my lifestyle!

My worst stress sweat tends to come from those times I’m asked to speak publicly or film a TV segment and I’m seriously feeling the pressure. But everyday, I deal with stress. I’m the type of person who loves to pack my schedule so that almost every minute is accounted for and full of activities and demands.

Last week among the stress of balancing all of my Mom, personal and professional responsibilities, I put the new SECRET Clinical Strength Stress Response Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant to the test. I loved it and it worked like a charm. It’s uniquely formulated to fight all 3 sources of sweat – heat, exercise, and the worst smelling cause of sweat – stress sweat.

I need a product that fights the “exercise & heat” style sweat I get while playing a tennis match on an 80 degree day and I also need a product that continues to keep me covered with odor protection and wetness protection when I’m off the court dealing with my professional work stress and life stress.

Truly, our body makes different kinds of sweat depending on what stress triggers the sweat. The sweat our bodies make from physical activity and heat come from the Eccrine sweat glands and are made up mostly of water, while our stress sweat comes from both Eccrine glands and the Aprocrine glands which are larger, concentrated in the underarms, and release a substance containing more lipids and proteins – which basically means stress sweat will have a stronger odor.

Did you know that Secret’s studies show that women sweat on average 30X more when stressed than normal?

Look at a sample day for me last week. This is actually pretty mild as I didn’t have to squeeze in a tennis match or doctor appointment or film a segment or host a large event for bloggers.

6:30 AM: Up early with the kids, packing lunches, making breakfast, putting on my make up, checking for and responding to urgent emails, and making sure everyone is dressed and the kids managed to brush their hair and their teeth!

7:54 AM Bus stop to squeezing in work on the laptop to a 9 AM preschool drop off to going for a 4 mile run to working for a quick hour to squeezing in a quick trip to the grocery store to racing to preschool pick up to volunteering at my daughter’s school to playing tag in the backyard with my preschooler to fitting in his speech class and a swim lesson all before it’s time to meet the bus at 3:36 PM in the afternoon. Are you exhausted yet? I know I am.

And let’s not forget the stress of worrying about if I’ll make it to the bus stop in time!

After the bus comes at 3:36 PM, it’s time for snacks, homework, swim team practice, making dinner for the family, and then time for me to host a Twitter party for work at night. It’s finally 10 PM when my day is done and I can actually breathe again!

My week using the new Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response went great and I seriously noticed the product’s benefits. Especially the wetness protection, which I love since I find that to be one of the most embarrassing issues that I deal with when I’m stressed under pressure.

Did you know that stress sweat also triggers a stronger odor than other kinds of sweat? YUCK! Luckily, Secret’s new patented BCD technology uses odor-neutralizing molecules to trap odor, lock it away, and leave a fresh clean scent in it’s place. And it really works – last week I had noticeable odor protection. I’ve been going nonstop – hosting Twitter parties, attending meetings at my children’s schools for Mother’s Day Tea parent events and stressful conferences, entertaining for Mother’s Day, running daily and even playing in a tennis match. And Secret Clinical Strength worked perfectly. From an odor perspective, wearing the new Secret Clinical Strength had me totally covered and I never once dealt with stinky odor issues.


Tell me about your own stressful mom moments when Secret Stress Response Clinical Strength could have helped you.

More scoop on Secret Clinical Strength:

  • Secret Clinical Strength is 4x more effective at protecting against stress induced underarm wetness than the wetness protection required of an ordinary antiperspirant
  • Utilizes triple action technology providing 3 layers of protection – prescription strength wetness protection, odor-fighting microcapsules, and skin soothing conditioners
  • Two-click applicator is specially designed to ensure the right amount of product is delivered to the underarm with each use
  • Available in 2 scents. Serene Citrus and Aloe
  • Pricing $7.99-$9.99 for 1.6 oz
www.Twitter.com/SecretDeodorant (@SecretDeodorant)

8 thoughts on “Sweating the Mom Stress: What’s your Secret?”

  1. It’s not easy to find the perfect deodorant. I find when it’s warm out and my toddler requests to be carried all over to be my most stress sweating times!! I think I will have to check out the new SECRET Clinical Strength Stress Response Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

  2. I remember being so sweaty on my job interview that I couldn’t take off my suit jacket…I am not normally a “sweat-er” so this makes so much sense now!

  3. After this morning that consisted of picking up one sick kid at school for a doc appt, picking up the other kid because I couldn’t find a sitter, going for my allergy shots only to find that they are closed, then spilling lemonade all over the kitchen, I should’ve tried some Secret first thing. haha! Great post. Thanks for the info!

  4. I’ve used mostly Michieum (totally misspelled) I’ve now switched to Tom’s and that isn’t doing the job. I think after I turned 40 my sweat glands opened up because I’ve never really had a issue with sweating until the big 40! UGH!!

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