Sweet and Sassy Birthday Fun

Wow. Who knew birthday parties for the 5 year old set could be so glam and fabulous? Kenzie had a total blast attending a Sweet and Sassy party for one of her preschool girlfriends this past weekend. And I had savored every minute watching all the little girls enjoy being pampered.

The kids were in heaven. I planned on dropping her off but the salon was so cute that a few Moms and myself stayed to watch the festivities. Trends have changed in the last 30 years for sure…. I remember the standard roller rink party when I was that age.

Take a peek at our fun pics! The girls did the Enchanted Princess theme party which Kenzie adored. Everyone had a glittery up-do hairstyle done, dressed up in a costume dressed, got make up applied, nails polished, walked a runway, participated in a dance show, ate pizza & cake and finally topped it all off with a ride in this styling Pink party limo where the girls sang & danced to Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Totally recommend it!


This option for a little girls birthday party for kids 5+, but yes it does cost a pretty penny per child. If you can limit the number of girls to under 10 and don’t add the limo ride it is far more affordable. ( The Mom who hosted this party that Kenzie attended was thrilled as Sweet and Sassy was giving a free limo party to all summer party bookings – which is a real value add for sure!) ¬†Another option that my cousin has done for her twin girls – she let each of the twins invite one friend and then she took the 4 of the girls to the Salon for spa treatments and lunch. Very cute!

I wish Sweet and Sassy had a party package for us Moms as I profess I wouldn’t mind taking part in all those activities with my girlfriends!







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