Sweet Smart Challenge with Listerine

My kids are thrilled to embark on a 3 week SWEET SMART Challenge with Listerine to BRUSH, FLOSS, and RINSE 2x per day.

Here’s our goodies!


Kenzie has always been begging to floss every since she first started visiting the Pediatric Dentist – very cute photos of my little girl loving the dentist!

We are very excited to track our progress with this chart that we’re keeping on the fridge.


We are all about CLEAN TEETH at our house after last year’s dental debacle. The said debacle would be that incident with 3 year old Kyle having 8 cavities in 1 appointment.

Yes, make that 8 cavities! Horrifying.

Kenzie has never had one and previously Kyle had always been fine. Who knows what the culprit was, the dentist was shocked and you can imagine I was crushed. She thought perhaps it was his raisin eating addiction coupled with us NOT flossing his teeth. Seriously, how many Moms of 3 year olds do you know who floss their kids teeth regularly???

Obviously, I’m now a member of the Flossing brigade! And 6 months later her theory is also that perhaps his recently diagnosed Celiac disease contributed to the problem. Regardless, we are not taking chances are are all about the flossing and mouthwash! (For kids under 6 – she recommends using a Q-tip to help them floss until they master the rinse & spit trick to using mouthwash.)


Obviously ever since the cavity drama, we’ve been all about adding Mouthwash to our bedtime teeth routine and making sure the kids NEVER miss a morning or bedtime brushing. We’ve worked on flossing with Kyle -but it is tough with young kids so we’ll be working especially hard to ALWAYS floss over the next 3 weeks during our challenge.


The idea is that all these habits will STICK and the proper dental care will be even more ingrained in my kids routine. Thank goodness for all these fun toothbrushes and kid friendly mouth wash.

Did you know that oral disease is the number one chronic childhood illness in the U.S.?

Dislcosure: I received proudcts from Johnson & Johnson Products division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE SWEET SMART Challenge.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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