Swimming with Dolphins at Atlantis Resort #VisitParadise

Dream day swimming with dolphins at Atlantis Resort. I’ll post more details on the Dolphin Cay Shallow Water dolphin encounter at Atlantis, but for now I wanted to share these quick photos. Literally, we kissed, danced, and hugged this gorgeous 14 year old dolphin named Tracy. All 4 of us participated and were able to each pet, kiss, hug, and dance with the dolphin. She was beautiful, gentle and also did some pretty amazing tricks. Video coming soon too!

Dolphin Cay Atlantis

And this photo of Kenzie dancing with the dolphin is extra incredible. By total luck, the dolphin in the other group behind us happens to be doing a gigantic twist in the air directly behind her and it lined up with her dance photo. Amazing!

Dancing with a dolphin

Here we are feeding fish to our dolphin Tracy. Each of us was able to gently place a little fish in Tracy’s mouth. The dolphins swallow the fish whole and eat 32 lbs of fish a day. Wow!

And here we all are petting and massaging Tracy after we did our family photo and group hug with her. This is a great way they reinforce the behavior with the animals. They told us beyond just feeding the dolphins fish, the dolphins respond to massage, love, and vocal cheers and encouragement and excitement after they perform their tricks.

Truly, this was an experience of a lifetime. I’ve dreamed of doing a dolphin interaction for years as I grew up on the swim team and have always been infatuated by the beauty of dolphins. Sharing this with my kids and Mike was thrilling. Kenzie, 7, has been on the swim team now for almost 2 years and she also has been dreaming of dolphin encounters and Kyle, only 5 but in love with every living creature – from his quest to dig up worms in our entire backyard and his quick desire to touch or feel any creature he meets, this was also a dream come true. It was a wonderful experience and will definitely be a highlight of our vacation.

My dance with the Dolphin Tracy.

Kyle hugging his dolphin. They are large animals!

The entrance to Dolphin Cay beach  – the entire area was beautiful – like everything on Paradise Island!



I’ll be sure to share more advice and tips for Dolphin encounters at Dolphin Cay at Atlantis in my upcoming post with video, but I wanted to quickly share these photos from DAY 2 in Paradise Island.

Note: Thanks to the Paradise Island Bureau of Tourism and Development for paying for our excursion. As always all thought and opinions are our own.

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  1. That looks TOTALLY incredible! We just saw a commercial for Atlantis and my kids were totally absorbed by it and started asking when they could go. I’ll have to hide these photos from them or they’ll REALLY want to go ASAP! Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to hearing about the rest of the trip.

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