Swimsuit Confidence: Finding Suits that Work for a Mom

It’s National Swimsuit Confidence Week and I’ve joined the mix of ladies on the web to pose in my swimsuit. As a Mom, I think it is so important to find a swimsuit that works for us – that flatters our figures and let’s us be active with our children. Now that I’m a Mom I’m looking for versatile coverage and a variety of pieces that let me go from the water to the pool deck to the carpool line.

For the last few years, Lands’ End has been sending ladies swimsuits to encourage us to showcase our swimsuit confidence. I love that Lands’ End is encouraging women to be confident in their swimsuits. I want my daughter to feel empowered someday and to always be confident in her body too.

Lands End SwimMates Collection

I think the best way we as Moms can be role models for our children is to get up off our beach chairs and be confident in our swimsuits.

Who wants to miss those precious moments at the pool or beach hiding out on the sidelines?

I adore the SwimMates collection from Lands’ End. Essentially, these are 4 piece options with bikini bottoms, bikini tops, skirts and tanks. You can mix and match however you like with your purchase. I buy all 4 pieces and I honestly wear all of them.


I’ll swim in the bikini just to feel more lightweight, but I cover up and wear the rest of the layers as part of my swim “outfit”. Notice the bikini is also substantial and something that works for a Mom. I would look and feel very weird strutting around in a “string” style bikini that teenagers or a 20 year old would wear, but this bikini definitely covers up the essentials!

Wearing all 4 layers means, I’ve got swimwear that I can wear to a pool party – without being too revealing – and I can  even pop into the grocery store if I’m running errands after a day at the pool. Everything coordinates and it’s all so comfortable. Truly, a genius collection!

Lands End swim tank

For my figure, I’m a big fan of swim skirts – Lands’ End Mini Swim Mini is adorable and a great way to give me appropriate “Mom” coverage and let me go from the pool to the grocery store all in the same outfit too! Priced at $49 and available in a variety of colors this is a super way to cover up and still look cute and be active in a swimsuit.

The Mini Swim Mini even has built in underwear and you can totally swim in it too! I confess I use these to play tennis in as well since they are so becoming and comfortable!

I love have a Mini Swim Mini in black so it goes with a lot and I like to purchase a swim tank to pair with it for additional coverage from the sun and to make it an entire outfit that works at the pool or beach. Here is the fun floral top I got for this season.

Floral Swim Tank from Lands' End

Lands’ End offers amazing options for Moms as they literally have hundreds of combinations of tankinis, bikinis, swim skirts, one-piece suits, swim dress options, swim shorts and tees, and even options for those who have had a masectomy.

What type of suit works best for your body? What will you be wearing this weekend over Memorial Day? If your still swimsuit shopping, definitely check out Lands’ End  – they will even have a someone chat with you online about what suit will work best for you!

20 thoughts on “Swimsuit Confidence: Finding Suits that Work for a Mom”

  1. I’ve never tried a Lands End swimsuit before, but I do think I must! I’ve been terribly uncomfortable in a swimsuit since having kids, so the layered option sounds fabulous to me!

  2. I think having grown up in TYRs and Speedos, I have had a tough time getting comfortable as an adult in a swimsuit. I do like my Land’s End suits though! I need to get everything out this weekend and try stuff on to see what still works from last year.

  3. Ladies. I used to buy from Lands End as well. But after that snafu with Gloria Steinem I never would again. Why is a clotting company against women? Equal pay? Birth control? Reproductive rights? lands End doesn’t condone these things. So please have a think before you buy.

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