Tackling New York City

Chilling in Times Square on a beautiful October morning. This is the kind of crisp weather I love in New York City.

We hit the Big Apple last week for a mini family vacation. Despite ending our day with Jennifer Garner with 101 degree fevers in our hotel room, the kids were troopers and the Tylenol worked wonders so we could enjoy our stay. We saw Mary Poppins, rode the Ferris Wheel at Toys R Us, and when I went to lunch with the ladies from The Talk at CBS studio, everyone else enjoyed the M&M store and American Girl.

Dad taking the kids on the town! ¬†Everyone loved the Taxi Cabs and the kids can’t wait to come back to NYC.

Here’s little Kyle at rest at last. Amazing to see him finally sit still but after 2 days with zero naps he needed to crash on the train.

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  1. It looks like you guys had a blast in NY. I have not been there yet but I would love to take my Princess Zaria soon.I think it would be a great mommy-daughter adventure. Keep up the great posts.

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