Tales of a Caterpillar Hunt – Mission Accomplished!

Thrilling day for Kenzie and Kyle. After failed attempts to find any live caterpillars at Valley Forge Park yesterday, today the kids struck gold. We found 3 Wooly Bear Caterpillars to collect in the kids bug carriers. The kids have big plans to try to nurture these all winter until they eventually evolve into moths.

I bought these bug carriers almost 2 years ago for $1 each at the Dollar Store. We’ve had countless expeditions and nature missions using these carriers – well worth $1 each! And they make a real cozy home for fireflies, caterpillars and other miscellaneous critters! We just catch and release quickly!


After over a mile of scootering – we found a total of 3 Wooly Bear Caterpillars. Here is a close up with Kenzie.

The kids are SUPER excited. 4 year old Kyle couldn’t wait to get home to see how his two new “Twin” caterpillars would fit into his Calico Critter set ups at home. Apparently the twins ADORE the bed. Thoughtful Kyle even added a leaf for their added comfort. So cute. He did this all on his own and then brought it down to Kenzie and I when we were making dinner.


We advised the critters might escape since there wasn’t a lid on the bed. No problem – Kyle just put the bed in his Bug Carrier. Love it!


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