Talking Sleep Rituals on the TODAY Show with JOHNSON’S® Baby #WMTMoms

So exciting! This morning I was able to chat with a panel of experts on The TODAY Show about sleep rituals and bedtime routines for babies and children. I attended the show with Vice President of Research & Development at JOHNSON’S® Baby, Tara Glasgow, and TODAY pediatrician Dr. Renna!

Visiting 30 Rock live for a segment was so cool – they did my hair and makeup and got us all pretty for live TV with Kathie Lee and Hoda too!


Being there was totally surreal!

In my experience, having a solid structured sleep routine for your baby from DAY 1 is so important. Not only do you begin to develop healthy sleep habits for your baby, but as parents, you establish your own sense of routine that will ultimately become your child’s routine and habit too!

Take a peek at our TODAY Show clip below: 

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Advice I always give to new parents is to log your babies sleep and routine in those early days. It’s such a great way to capture the moments and remind you to stick to your bedtime routine  as you reflect on how much sleep the babes are getting. I used a notebook to log Kenzie and Kyle’s sleep.

I wish the free JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME™ App was available when my kids were tiny as logging everything in on your cell phone would be SO much easier. Definitely download this free app if you are a new Mom or Mama to be!

johnsons baby bedtime app

When it comes to sleep routines, I think the payoff is huge years later too. My kids both LOVE to read at bedtime since we made that ritual part of our nighttime routine since DAY 1 home from the hospital. Even my son, age 6 who is totally a reluctant reader and never wants to look at a book all day long – trust me he’d rather be digging worms — is thrilled and excited to read at bedtime. Hooray!

Truly, my kids do fantastic at bedtime as it’s their ritual to do their thing, bath, cuddles and books, and bedtime. There’s no arguments (usually!!!) or negotiations in our house since the kids adapted to a strong sleep routine and they love it too.


JOHNSON’S® Baby offers a really easy 3 step routine that’s clinically proven to help babies fall asleep faster. It’s what we did with our kids when they were little. And today I have to tell you, Kenzie and Kyle still LOVE the smell of JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME™ Bath and Lotion products. The lavender scents just make all of us want to go to sleep and prep for bedtime. We still love using these goodies even though the kids are now 6 and 8 years old.

You can grab all these  JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME™ products at Walmart–my go-to stop for all my shopping needs from bedtime to bathtime and beyond!

Check out a coupon here.

Baby Bedtime Bath

Check out the 3-step routine below! The steps should engage the senses in a way that creates a memory of the moment, each step creating anticipation for what comes next.

1. Bathtime – My kids as babies always loved to splash around before bedtime in the tub. Even now, it’s what they love to do before bed if our crazy school and sports schedule allow it! JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME™ Bath is so fun for the kids – this relaxing scent creates the best bath atmosphere. JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME™ Bath is formulated with NATURALCALM® essences – a special blend of calming aromas.

2. Massage Baby – there’s no right or wrong way to do this – but JOHNSON’S® Baby JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME™ Lotion reminds you it’s more something you do WITH your baby then to your baby. Using the JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME™ Lotion with your massage smells wonderful and I find today this scent just brings all of us – Moms, Dads, and my kids, back to those baby days and our bedtime routine as it relaxes everyone.

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion

3. Quietly off to Sleep–  Spend quiet time cuddly and reading a book or singing a song. Avoid active play and then let baby go to bed SLEEPY but still AWAKE. This helps babies learn to self – soothe and get back to sleep on their own if they wake up during the night. 

The most important thing is to make these a routine and something that you implement every day! That will help ensure success and make the sleep routine a habit for the entire family.




12 thoughts on “Talking Sleep Rituals on the TODAY Show with JOHNSON’S® Baby #WMTMoms”

  1. I saw you on the a Today Show and immediately looked for your blog! My boys are long past the early routines needed for sleep (they are 11 and 10), but because of the strict routine I used they are excellent sleepers. My father in law often jokes about how my boys can go from 90mph to bedtime without a fight. My husband says it’s because I never let anything interfere with bedtime routine. The sacrifice I made during those early years has paid off tenfold!

  2. I wish I had been home this morning to watch your segment on the TODAY show. I have a 5 month old and we are definitely on a routine as soon as 6pm hits it is cereal with fruit and some bottle, bath time and then the rest of his bottle. He had been doing so great with sleeping through the night but lately he has been grunting and now he is rolling over and can not roll himself back over. I am just worried that he will suffocate himself because he will put his face down to the mattress and eventually turn it to the side. He is also teething so I am thinking that is not helping either. I have had only about 7 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. I have a 7 yr old and I do not remember having this much trouble. Do you have any suggestions for me PLEASE!

  3. I have a 9 month old that used to sleep so good. He gets up once at night. Then he is up again at 5 and wont go back to sleep. What do I do?

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