Tangled Rapunzel Costume

Are you kids desperate to see the movie Tangled?Here’s a fanatstic costume that will double as the PERFECT Disney Princess dress post Halloween. We got to take this Disney Store Rapunzel costume for a test run and as expected it passed with flying colors! Complete with sparkles and truly it is a quality made Disney store dress versus some of the imitation princess dresses on the market. Kenzie and Kyle watch the "Tangled" trailer over and over again as they are dying to see this movie in theaters. I finally bought them the book & a read-along book with CD so they can listen to the story too. Take a peek at the kids trying out other Disney costumes including Captain Hook & Alice in Wonderland. Prices vary ranging from about $30 – 50 depending on the sale price available at the time of purchase and if you complete the outfit with accessories or not. We’ve seen sales of 25% off all costumes to some with a 40% off price tag.The Rapunzel braid and the Captain Hook hat are MUST haves but you can certainly swap out the fancy shoes for some you already own if you are looking to save money. Although, Kenzie is keen on these heels for sure! Classy Mommy Approved. Note: Samples were provided from the Disney Store to facilitate our review. Price: $50

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